Niger: “Only Niger counts”, a new CSO campaign to unite the people around a common ideal

Civil society organizations have launched a compelling new campaign in Niger, rallying citizens around the theme “Niger First” to instill a deep sense of patriotism and prioritize the nation’s interests.

The campaign kicked off on June 21st with the active participation of key members from the National Council for the Safeguarding of the Nation (CNSP).

At the heart of this movement is the goal to foster national unity and uphold Niger’s sovereignty, aligning closely with the CNSP’s stance against external interference.

Abdoulaye Seydou, the visionary behind “Niger First,” expressed unwavering confidence in the Nigerien people’s solidarity with the CNSP’s mission to restore dignity and protect national sovereignty until ultimate victory is achieved.

Seydou emphasized, “Together, as one, we stand strong against any divisive forces aiming to destabilize our beloved Niger.”

He assured CNSP members of steadfast support in their vital efforts to safeguard the nation and uphold its sovereignty.

Acknowledging the CNSP’s strides towards improving social and economic conditions for Nigeriens, Seydou urged continued momentum to swiftly implement crucial decisions, particularly related to pipeline exploitation.

These decisions are eagerly anticipated by citizens who yearn for social justice, peace, and security, underscoring the urgency of “Niger First” in advancing the country’s welfare and progress.




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