Togo: Under President Faure Gnassingbé, access to drinking water becomes a reality

Under the leadership of President Faure Gnassingbé, Togo has made significant strides in enhancing access to potable water, particularly focusing on rural, semi-urban, and urban areas since 2014.


This commitment is evident through various large-scale initiatives aimed at improving water availability across the country.


Rural areas see major improvements

In rural regions, the access rate to potable water has surged from 47.7% in 2014 to 74.4% in 2023.


This impressive growth is primarily attributed to projects like the Rural Water and Sanitation Sector Support Programme (PASSCO) and the Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Project (PASH-MUT).


These programs have been pivotal in enhancing existing infrastructure and expanding distribution networks to underserved areas.


PASSCO has been crucial, providing resources for the construction of new boreholes, installation of human-powered pumps, and the rehabilitation of outdated water supply systems.


Simultaneously, PASH-MUT focused on improving water and sanitation management systems, ensuring local communities are involved and trained to maintain new installations.


Urban and Semi-Urban Investments


In urban and semi-urban areas, significant government investments have led to modernized and expanded water supply networks.


Projects included building new water storage reservoirs, extending main pipelines, and implementing more efficient water treatment systems.


These efforts have resulted in a notable increase in water access rates.


Impact on Public Health and Economic Development


The tangible impacts of these initiatives are profound. Millions of Togolese now enjoy reliable access to quality water, positively affecting public health, education, and economic development.


The daily lives of women and children, who traditionally bear the burden of water collection, have improved significantly, allowing them more time for education and economic activities.


President Faure Gnassingbé’s focus on improving access to potable water has transformed many communities across Togo.


Through projects like PASSCO and PASH-MUT, the country has made remarkable progress in less than a decade, showcasing a strong commitment to the well-being of its population and sustainable development.

Chantal Tawelessi


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