An unforgettable day of unity and brotherhood: Burkina Faso-Niger summit in Niamey

July 5, 2024 will be etched in memory as a day of solidarity and fraternity between Burkina Faso and Niger.


At the inaugural summit of the Alliance of Sahel States (AES), President Ibrahim Traoré was warmly welcomed with evident hospitality by the people of Niamey.


This heartfelt reception underscored the deep historical ties between the two nations.


President Ibrahim Traoré’s visit, alongside his counterparts President Assimi Goita of Mali and President Abdourahamane Tiani of Niger, not only symbolized political and strategic cooperation but also reflected the friendship and mutual respect between their peoples.


The streets of Niamey reverberated with cheers and songs in honor of this historic gathering.


The Nigerien citizens, through their massive presence and enthusiasm, demonstrated unwavering support for this regional initiative.


Such a warm welcome further strengthened the AES leaders’ resolve to collaborate for peace, security, and development across the region.


This display of fraternity reaffirms a shared commitment to building a brighter future for AES countries and the Sahel region at large.


Grateful to the Nigerien people for an unforgettable welcome, may this spirit of unity and collaboration endure, inspiring future actions toward a stronger, emergent, and united Sahel region.





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