Former South African Football Captain Portia Modise appeals for help after car Hijacking

Portia Modise, the ex-captain of South Africa’s women’s football team, has made a public appeal for assistance in recovering her car after being hijacked outside her Soweto home.


In an Instagram video, Modise recounted the harrowing experience of being held at gunpoint by several young men who took her mobile phone, keys, and drove off with her car.


The Portia Modise Foundation reported that the former Banyana Banyana star remains shaken by the incident.


Modise, renowned as the first African football player to score 100 goals, retired from professional football in 2015.


Despite the traumatic event, the 41-year-old confirmed she was not physically harmed.


“When I arrived home… there were a few guys who pointed firearms at me and hijacked me… I am not OK but I am grateful for life,” she stated in her video message.


Modise provided the registration details of her stolen vehicle, a blue Polo Golf, and urged anyone who sees it to contact her immediately.


“If anybody has seen this car, it’s a blue Polo Golf – that is my car,” she said. Her plea has garnered widespread support from fans and followers, though the vehicle remains missing.


Modise made her international debut for Banyana Banyana in 2000 at the age of 16 and holds the record for the most appearances for the team.


In 2005, she was nominated for the FIFA Player of the Year, and the following year, she won the Player of the Tournament award at the African Women’s Championship.


After retiring from playing, Modise transitioned to a coaching career.


This incident follows the fatal hijacking of 24-year-old footballer Luke Fleurs at a petrol station in Florida, Johannesburg, in April. Six men have been arrested in connection with Fleurs’ death.



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