Burkina Faso/Transition: The citizens of Burkina Faso at the heart of the governance of Captain Ibrahim TRAORE


President Ibrahim TRAORE of Burkina Faso places his compatriots at the center of his actions and decisions.


For him, governing for the people and by the people means involving them in all actions affecting their nation’s life and reporting on the results and efforts made on behalf of the country.


This is evident in his regular meetings with various national stakeholders.


Since assuming office, he has engaged in numerous discussions with regional and national forces, both in different regions of the country and in the capital, Ouagadougou.


A new session is scheduled for Thursday, July 11, 2024, where President TRAORE will engage directly with the nation’s representatives at the Ouaga 2000 sports palace.


This event will bring together delegates from all 13 regions of Burkina Faso.


The agenda includes discussions on the continuation of the transition period and the president’s vision for the next five years.


President TRAORE is also keen to hear from the nation’s representatives on critical issues such as the fight against terrorism, socio-economic development, and the struggle for national sovereignty.


This approach underscores that when governance is truly people-centered, it becomes easier to engage in dialogue, gather opinions, and propose solutions for the nation’s betterment.


Therefore, Burkinabe citizens are encouraged to participate actively this Thursday, July 11, to ensure the success of this meeting, for the greater good of the country.






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