Burkina Faso/Iran: Relations between the two countries on the mend

Burkina Faso and Iran are revitalizing their longstanding friendship and cooperation, driven by a shared commitment to advancing their nations’ interests and enhancing the well-being of their peoples.


Following extensive multi-sectoral cooperation agreements between Burkinabe authorities and their Iranian counterparts, a significant measure aimed at further strengthening bilateral ties and increasing mutual benefits is on the horizon: the potential exemption of visas between the two partners.


According to Me Apollinaire Joachimsom Kyelem de Tambèla, head of Burkina Faso’s transitional government, discussions are underway between Burkinabe and Iranian authorities regarding the possibility of completely waiving visa requirements for travel between the two countries.


This move is poised to enhance integration, boost trade exchanges, and facilitate the free movement of people and goods.


Burkina Faso and Iran enjoy robust and sincere relations, which have deepened under the transitional leadership of Captain Ibrahim Traoré’s team.


Their cooperation spans critical areas such as security, defense, energy, economy, diplomacy, higher education, and urban planning, reflecting mutual strategic priorities for both nations.



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