Côte d’Ivoire: Subsidies for coffee and cocoa exports, as the authorities seek to revitalise the sector

The coffee-cocoa sector is a cornerstone of Côte d’Ivoire’s economy, accounting for a significant portion of the country’s export revenues.


Recognizing the sector’s importance, the Ivorian government has implemented several initiatives and reforms in recent years to support and invigorate the industry.


Key actions include subsidy programs, structural reforms, and sustainable development and certification initiatives.


To bolster the competitiveness of local exporters in both national and international markets, the government has decided to subsidize coffee-cocoa exports.


This measure, which spans from the 2023-2024 campaigns through 2027, aims to reduce export costs and encourage the growth of local actors.


The goal is to make Ivorian products more attractive on global markets while supporting exporters in the face of international competition.


In recent years, the Ivorian government has undertaken significant reforms to improve governance and transparency in the coffee-cocoa sector.


A key initiative has been the establishment of the Coffee-Cocoa Council, a body tasked with regulating the sector and ensuring price stability for producers.


Additionally, efforts have been made to improve access to financing for small producers, particularly through partnerships with international financial institutions.


Moreover, training programs have been organized to educate producers on sustainable agricultural techniques and efficient resource use.


To ensure the quality and traceability of Ivorian products, efforts have been made to promote the certification of coffee-cocoa farms.


The government has collaborated with international organizations to establish certification standards that guarantee responsible and fair agricultural practices.


The measures implemented by the Ivorian government demonstrate a clear commitment to supporting and energizing the coffee-cocoa sector.


By subsidizing exports, promoting sustainable development, improving infrastructure, and ensuring product quality, Ivorian authorities are working to strengthen Côte d’Ivoire’s position in the global coffee-cocoa market.


These efforts are crucial for ensuring the longevity and prosperity of this vital sector for the national economy.


Neil Camara



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