Burkina Faso/Terrorism: The Reasons for the requisitioning of certain opinion leaders

Some members of trade union associations and movements have been requisitioned by the Burkina Faso authorities for the fight against terrorism. The main reason behind this act by the transitional authorities, far from being punitive, is to increase the ranks of the FDS and VDP, for a more effective fight against the enemy that spares no one.

The recent requisition of Burkinabe citizens is part of the general mobilisation launched by the transitional authorities in April 2023.

This is a fighting mechanism that all countries at war use to better deal with the enemy, protect the population and effectively defend the country in difficulty.

The idea put forward by the Burkina Faso authorities is entirely consistent with this logic.

The important thing for them is to find ways and means of overcoming the terrorism that has been occupying areas belonging to the people of Burkina Faso for the past 8 years.

In this strategy of strengthening the ranks of fighters, the whole world can now recognise that significant progress has been made in the fight against criminals who make no distinction between civilians and soldiers, or social rank or class.

So why bring charges against these people who only want good things for their people? Have the conscripts been mistreated?

Have they been deprived of food, clothing and health care? Have they been deprived of the essentials for their survival and safety? No.

They are justly called upon to serve their nation. The fighting forces need manpower and the requisitioned soldiers will kindly, like good patriots, meet this need.

All they have to do is make up their minds, arm themselves with courage and determination and get on with it.

According to the authorities, this is neither torture nor punishment. When it comes to the good of the nation, everyone has to pitch in. Even those who are far away, crying violations of what rights and freedoms, can also help save the people of Burkina Faso from the hands of their enemies of the century, the terrorists.


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