Burkina Faso / To the Defence Front: Recognising and supporting the commitment of the protectors of the Land of Honest People

It is imperative to highlight the dedication and courage of the men and women who have been mobilised to defend the country on the ground. Their commitment and bravery in the face of extremely difficult circumstances deserve not only respect, but also unconditional support.

Beyond the physical battles waged against terrorism, it is essential to recognise and address the emotional and psychological challenges that these heroes of the nation face on a daily basis.

The pressures, losses and difficult living conditions they face require ongoing attention and support.

It is essential to create an environment where those fighting for national security feel not only respected, but also listened to.

Their concerns and experiences on the ground must be taken into account and treated with compassion.

It is unfair and dishonest for some leaders of Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) to claim at press conferences and in the media that there is no real fight, that terrorists do not exist.

That being said, it is important for those of them who have been requisitioned to go and fight in the field to get their finger on the pulse of reality, and stop whining.

Rather than whining, it is essential that they go to the front. Their return from the front would allow them to bear witness to the real war against terrorism.

Their voices could then be heard and their concerns taken seriously.

By reaffirming their respect for the courage of the fighting forces and offering their unwavering support, the people are demonstrating their solidarity with those who risk their lives for the security and peace of Burkina Faso.


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