Mali: National Jubilation and calls for Reconciliation

The recent recovery of Kidal by the Malian armed forces after 11 years of insubordination has ignited a wave of joy and unity among the Malian political class and the population. This victory, long elusive, has been widely praised by various political groups, emphasizing the significance of reinstating the state’s authority in the region.

In an unusual moment of unanimity, the Malian political class has extended its congratulations to the Malian armed forces for this significant advancement.

Even parties that may not necessarily support the extension of the transition have acknowledged the importance of this recapture.

The former Prime Minister and President of the FARE party commended the army’s patriotic commitment, emphasizing the urgent need to swiftly reinstate administration and basic social services in the liberated region.

ADEMA-PASJ asserted that the recapture of Kidal aligns with the army’s sovereign mission and the resolutions of the UN Security Council.

The party reaffirmed its support for the transitional authorities, underscoring the sacrifices made by the armed forces to liberate Kidal from the hands of terrorists and separatists.

The Union for Democracy and Development (Political Party), led by exiled opposition leader Tiéman Hubert Coulibaly, called for constructive dialogue between the transitional authorities and the armed rebel groups to promote national reconciliation and lay the foundations for lasting peace.

CODEM, which had previously criticized the hostilities, commended the bravery of the Malian armed forces and expressed hope that the retaking of Kidal will mark the beginning of a lasting peace.

The party is urging a ceasefire to pave the way for dialogue and genuine national reconciliation.

Other parties, such as the National Renaissance Party, are calling for the return of refugees and an inclusive dialogue to establish a climate of peace conducive to development.

The «Republican Action for Progress» political alliance is calling on armed groups to lay down their arms and opt for dialogue to resolve the crisis.

Beyond the political class, the recapture of Kidal was celebrated throughout the country.

Jubilant demonstrations broke out, expressing gratitude to the armed forces. Cries of «liberator of the people» in honor of Colonel Assimi Goïta resonated in several towns.

This retake marks a crucial turning point in Mali’s recent history and sets the stage for discussions on national reconciliation, reconstruction, and peace-building in the region.

The unfolding events will be pivotal in determining whether this military victory will translate into lasting stability and the restoration of national unity.

Titi Keita

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