Ivory Coast/Peace Day: From Niamey, Guillaume SORO sends a peace message to his compatriots

On the occasion of the national peace day celebrated every November 15 in Ivory Coast, the former Prime Minister and President of the National Assembly, Guillaume SORO, currently in exile in Niger, addressed a message of peace to his fellow countrymen on Wednesday, as the leader of the dissolved GPS party.

For him, this is a way of expressing solidarity with all his compatriots on this very crucial occasion.

According to the president of “Generations and Peoples in Solidarity” (GPS), they all aspire to a just peace based on respect for fundamental rights and political freedoms.

According to him, this quest for peace also involves strengthening their common commitment to more concrete actions aimed at enhancing national cohesion and improving the economic and social prospects of the population.

This message from the Ivorian leader and politician was relayed on his social media accounts.

As a reminder, Mr. Guillaume SORO only set foot on African soil on November 11, after 5 years of exile outside the continent.

He was accused and sentenced to life imprisonment by the Ivorian justice system, including charges of conspiracy and endangering the security of the state.

These accusations were contested by the Ivorian and the sentence was annulled by the African Court on Human and Peoples’ Rights.

Desiring to end these long years of exile to reunite with his family and homeland, he was welcomed by the Nigeriens, who were willing to offer him hospitality until he finds a way to return to his home country, Ivory Coast, as he wishes. He claims that his life is in danger.


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