Burkina Faso / Under the command of Captain Ibrahim TRAORÉ: The Fighting Forces, an insurmountable bulwark against the terrorist threat

At the heart of Burkina Faso’s security challenges, President Ibrahim TRAORÉ and his Combat Forces stand out as unshakeable bulwark against the terrorist threat. In recent significant events, the decisive actions of the combatting Forces have once again underlined President Ibrahim Traoré’s determination to eradicate terrorism from Burkina Faso.

This Thursday, in the Kabonga forest (East), a scene of terrorist preparations was meticulously neutralised by the air force, destroying any planned attack on the local population.

This feat, among others, underlines the operational effectiveness of the Fighting Forces, reinforcing the confidence of the people of Burkina Faso in the leadership of President Ibrahim TRAORÉ.

The unfailing commitment of the fighting Forces was also demonstrated in Pensa, where some forty terrorists launched an assault on 12 November 2023 against a forward position of the Volunteers for the Defense of the Homeland (VDP) in the Centre-Nord region.

Faced with the determination of these valiant warriors, the attackers were forced to flee towards Sidiga, 12 km away, failing in their attempt to spread terror.

Since this event, the aerial vectors have been on constant alert, meticulously tracking the movements of the criminals. On 16 November 2023, a new demonstration of power took place.

The terrorists, gathered in a building for a conclave, were targeted by a missile, putting an end to their criminal activities.

The Kabonga forest (East) proved to be another successful theatre of operations. While the terrorists were training in a hidden camp, the fighting Forces observed their activities until the break, when around thirty of them gathered under a tree for a debriefing.

However, this debriefing proved to be their last, as a precise missile put an end to their sinister plans.

President Ibrahim TRAORÉ, with his determination, has committed all the resources necessary to ensure the security and stability of Burkina Faso.

This series of successful actions demonstrates the effectiveness and efficiency of the fighting forces in the fight against terrorism, and embodies the President’s firm resolve to protect his fellow citizens and eradicate any threat to national peace.


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