Algeria: The country takes decisive action to stabilise prices and ensure market stability

In a climate of growing economic uncertainty, the Algerian government has recently taken proactive measures aimed at securing prices and ensuring market stability. According to information from the Arabic-language media outlet Echorouk, the Ministry of Commerce and Export Promotion is currently reviewing a list of 14 essential products for the implementation of a new price ceiling law in Algeria.

This initiative comes at a crucial time when Algerian consumers are facing recurrent increases in essential products.

The list of affected items is diverse, including legumes, rice, fruits, vegetables, meats, poultry, as well as already subsidized products such as milk, oil, sugar, bread, and wheat.

The objectives of this measure are twofold: to ensure stable and affordable prices for consumers and to establish a fair balance for economic actors in the sector.

Profit margins of wholesalers, retailers, and distributors will be closely monitored and regulated to ensure this fairness.

Discussions are currently underway with various economic actors and consumer protection associations to clarify the details of this policy.

A second meeting is scheduled in the next 10 days to finalize proposals regarding profit margins.

The ultimate goal is to present a comprehensive approach that promotes market stability while preserving the interests of economic actors.

This initiative demonstrates the Algerian government’s commitment to taking concrete measures to alleviate economic pressures on citizens and ensure the long-term viability of the market.


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