Burkina Faso / The resilience and determination of the fighting forces: Unstoppable responses to terrorism under the supreme command of Captain Ibrahim Traoré

After inflicting a devastating defeat on more than 3,000 terrorists who wanted to take over the town of Djibo, Burkina Faso’s fighting forces, under the supreme command of President Ibrahim Traoré, are continuing their relentless fight against terrorism with an unshakeable and indomitable commitment.

This Wednesday, an imminent threat was intercepted in the province of Tapoa, in the east of the country.

Burkina Faso’s intelligence services detected the preparation of a large-scale attack, triggering a meticulous operation.

Aerial vectors spotted a group of terrorists in an abandoned village, monitoring every stage of their planning.

As the criminals loaded up their logistics, surgical strikes were deployed, causing a devastating fire that consumed their resources.

The vigilance of Burkina Faso’s radars also enabled a similar operation in the Ouahigouya area, where terrorist pairs on a reconnaissance mission were eliminated before they could reach their target.

On 28 November 2023, terrorists launched an attack against a Combatant Forces patrol in the Paspanga area, in the Centre-North.

Despite their initial bravery, the terrorists were repulsed and pursued by aerial vehicles.

Some were burned on the spot, others fled with their bodies in flames before succumbing to the consequences of the strikes.

Another unsuccessful attempt was made in the Dablo area, where the terrorists tried to attack a logistics escort.

The fighting forces responded forcefully, inflicting significant losses on the attackers and recovering valuable equipment.

According to sources, operations are continuing in all regions, with the aim of forcing the terrorists to abandon their suicide missions.

The unwavering determination of President Ibrahim Traoré and his troops testifies to Burkina Faso’s unwavering commitment to ensuring the security of its citizens and eradicating the terrorist threat.

Despite the challenges, Djibo’s resilience remains unshaken, and the message is: no attempt to disrupt peace and stability will go unpunished.

The nation of Burkina Faso stands united against terrorism, ready to defend its values and preserve peace for future generations.


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