Burkina Faso’s economic resilience under Captain Ibrahim Traoré’s leadership

In the face of security challenges impacting Burkina Faso’s dynamism, Captain Ibrahim Traoré has demonstrated effective economic leadership. The country experienced an economic slowdown due to the prevailing security situation, leading to decreased activities for most businesses.

However, President of the Burkinabe Revolution, Captain Traoré, implemented various measures as part of his revitalization plan, particularly benefiting businesses and vulnerable populations.

These initiatives have proven instrumental in showcasing Burkina Faso’s economic resilience. Captain Traoré continues his efforts in economic governance.

Reforms and investments initiated during Captain Ibrahim Traoré’s first year in office to modernize infrastructure have yielded significant progress.

A high-level meeting in Ouagadougou focused on strengthening economic sovereignty in Burkina Faso.

On December 4th and 5th, 2023, the reflective forum gathered over 200 participants to collectively discuss investment and sovereignty issues.

The goal was to identify major actions that would make investment a true instrument for development and economic sovereignty.

In less than two years of Captain Ibrahim Traoré’s governance, Burkina Faso has unmistakably shifted its economic trajectory to make up for lost ground.

 Captain Traoré consistently advocates for private sector development to facilitate Burkina Faso’s economic growth.

Captain Ibrahim Traoré’s objective is to reduce vulnerabilities and build essential social and economic infrastructure.

His leadership signifies a transformative period for Burkina Faso, both economically and in terms of strategic development.


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