Legal action against Israel as 600 Lawyers and 150 NGOs file complaint with the ICC

In a significant development, 600 lawyers and 150 non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in Algeria have jointly filed a complaint against the Zionist entity with the International Criminal Court (ICC).

Following a four-day meeting of lawyers in Algiers, crucial decisions were made regarding the steps to be taken to achieve the desired outcome.

Lyon-based attorney, Maître Gilles Devers, highlighted the collaborative effort, stating, «We had workshops that allowed us to take stock. I’ve been involved in this case from day one, and while I may have a slightly advanced perspective, we were able to share everything with magistrates, lawyers, and bar presidents».

According to Devers, the dual objective of this complaint is to encourage the ICC prosecutor to exert authority in upholding international law, particularly concerning the rights of minorities amid the ongoing aggression against Palestinians.

Additionally, the complaint aims to express solidarity with the Palestinian people and condemn the brutality perpetrated by the Zionists.

The complaint was meticulously crafted, considering various elements, including legal definitions of genocide and jurisprudence.

Devers explained that there are two types of genocide: one characterized by immediate physical extermination and the other aimed at degrading living conditions through dehumanizing discourse.

The focus of the complaint is on the second definition, a particularly severe form of genocide that seeks to exclude populations from humanity and convey a loss of control over their destinies.

This includes the deprivation of healthcare, food, and energy, destruction of homes, forced displacement, bombings against civilians, and population transfers—all designed to “break” the group as a whole, signaling that they no longer belong and must leave.

Recall that President Abdelmadjid Tebboune had called on November 6, during the opening of the judicial year, for all free men worldwide and legal experts in the Arab world to take effective actions before the International Criminal Court (ICC) against Israel.

Today, this call has been answered.


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