AFCON 2023 Surprise: Carlos Kameni’s Potential return raises eyebrows

Intriguing speculations surround Rigobert Song’s squad selection for the upcoming Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON), with the possibility of veteran goalkeeper Carlos Kameni making a surprising comeback for Cameroon. Despite being 39 years old and not having formally retired from international play, Kameni is being considered for a spot in the AFCON squad, presenting compelling reasons for Rigobert Song to ponder.

Kameni reentered the football scene by joining Anterquera in the Spanish third division last November.

In a matter of weeks, he has already participated in four matches for his new team, surpassing the combined appearances of Fabrice Ondoa and Devis Epassy, who serve as backups for André Onana, throughout the entire season.

With Kameni actively showcasing his skills, the veteran goalkeeper is a contender for the roles of second or third-choice in the squad.

Challenges Surrounding Kameni’s AFCON Prospects: Despite the tangible possibility of Kameni featuring in Côte d’Ivoire for AFCON, the goalkeeper himself appears less than enthusiastic about the prospect.

In a recent interview with Afrik-Foot, Kameni addressed the topic of potential AFCON participation, expressing a clear stance on the matter.

«Dreaming at this age, considering all the teams I’ve played for? No! I believe I’ve had my time in this selection. There are very good goalkeepers currently in this squad. They are young and can handle it», remarked Kameni.

«I have always said that I will only answer the national team call in case of a last-minute emergency. I don’t wish that on anyone because I’m talking about an injury or a failure. I won’t return today to take the place of a young player who needs the national team to continue progressing. Absolutely not».

The unfolding situation leaves room for curiosity, as observers await confirmation on whether Carlos Kameni will indeed make a surprising return to the international stage for AFCON.

Source: Infos-sport

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