Burkina Faso: Defence Minister Kassoum Coulibaly commits to endogenous development

Defense and Veterans Affairs Minister Kassoum Coulibaly has expressed his support for the initiative of the Agency for the Promotion of Community Entrepreneurship (APEC) by subscribing to Popular Shareholding, during a ceremony in Ouagadougou on December 19, 2023.

The Defense and Security Forces (FDS) of Burkina Faso, engaged in reclaiming national territory, also express their willingness to contribute to the endogenous development promoted by the Transitional Government.

Minister Coulibaly, surrounded by the Ministers of Justice, Rodrigue Bayala, Security, Mahamoudou Sana, and his collaborators, formalized this commitment to Popular Shareholding.

For Minister Coulibaly, this membership is a response to the call from the Head of State, Captain Ibrahim Traoré, addressed to all institutions and social strata.

He emphasizes that the military cannot remain aloof from this call, as it already benefits from the contribution of all Burkinabes for its functioning.

Investing, he asserts, represents an essential preparation for the future, both for current and future generations.

The Defense Minister’s initiative demonstrates the commitment of government institutions to endogenous economic development and shows the determination of the Burkinabe army to play an active role in building a prosperous future for the country.

Titi Keita


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