Côte d’Ivoire: Unfair competition, energy drinks targeted in defamatory campaign

As the year-end festivities approach, alcoholic beverage companies are vying for market dominance at any cost. The market, expansive enough to accommodate every economic player, witnesses some choosing to eliminate their competitors to ensure exclusive control.

Energy drinks, which pose no health risks, have become the target of a smear campaign.

The introduction of these drinks into the Ivorian market seems to have been well-received by the population, given the substantial number of consumers.

Out of jealousy and resistance to competition, certain companies have formed groups attempting to push energy drinks out of the Ivorian market.

Misleading information, including defrauding merchants selling these products in local markets, has been disseminated.

A false rumor, supported by influential figures, led Ivorian authorities to temporarily suspend the importation of these energy drinks.

This decision was complied with by the leading figures of the production company.

As if that were not enough, opposing companies are now targeting non-alcoholic products.

This new attack reveals a carefully orchestrated conspiracy against the interests of energy drinks.

According to the Ivorian authorities’ statement, the import suspension aims to protect public health.

However, analyses indicate that energy drinks comply with all applicable laws in accordance with international standards.

It is imperative that Ivorian authorities conduct thorough investigations into the markets.

 The accusations against energy drinks are merely strategies aimed at damaging their reputation.

The real threat insidiously affecting Ivorian youth is Tramadol. Authorities should seriously consider regulating or even banning its importation.

Pedro O.

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