Ivory Coast: Unfair competition damaging Vody Energy Drink

The suspension of the import and distribution of energy and alcoholic drinks from the German company Cody’s Drink International in Ivory Coast has sparked intense controversy. Behind the official reasons of public health protection, there seems to be an intense power play, shedding light on unfair competition allegedly orchestrated by certain French companies, especially Castel.

The Ivorian government announced a drastic measure, suspending the import and banning the distribution of energy and alcoholic beverages from Cody’s Drink International, a German company specializing in this sector.

Officially, this decision aimed to protect public health due to the risk of mixing these drinks with drugs. However, sources suggest a context of fierce commercial competition.

Vody Energy Drink, Cody’s Drink flagship product, became the target of negative advertisements and tracking even before the government’s decision was announced.

It is now clear that behind this supposed concern for public health, economic and political interests may be at play, highlighting unfair competition orchestrated by certain French companies, notably Castel.

The real reason for this suspension seems to be related to a major sponsorship issue: the 34th edition of the Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON 2023), scheduled to take place in Ivory Coast from January 13 to February 11, 2024.

Cody’s Drink’s energy and alcoholic beverages were initially intended to be the official partners of this continentally renowned sports event.

The rival in this race for partnership is none other than the Ivorian subsidiary of the French giant Castel.

The battle to obtain the privilege of sponsoring AFCON 2023 has been intense, but Castel’s method to oust Cody’s Drink appears far from legal.

Allegations of corruption and illegal maneuvers surround Castel’s victory in this fierce competition.

It is regrettable to note that in the contemporary business landscape, legality and ethics often seem to be sacrificed for political connections and dubious practices.

The unquestionable victim of this unequal battle is Cody’s Drink International, whose reputation and activities in Ivory Coast have been seriously compromised by this affair.

Idriss GNENE

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