Nigeria: As the economic crisis continues, Bola Tinubu wants to buy a yacht and SUVs at taxpayers’ expense

The controversy is raging in Nigeria as President Bola Tinubu approves a supplementary budget that allocates millions of dollars for the acquisition of a presidential yacht and sports utility vehicles (SUVs) for his wife and other top government officials. This decision, occurring in the context of a growing economic crisis, has sparked outrage among ordinary citizens who frown upon the use of public funds.

Indeed, Bola Tinubu has given his approval to a controversial budget allocating $38 million to the presidential air fleet and various renovations. Earlier, $6.1 million initially earmarked for the yacht was redirected to «student loans» by the Senate’s decision.

The national navy has confirmed the receipt of the yacht, although payment has not yet been made.

Presidential spokesperson Anjuri Ngelale justified these expenses by emphasizing that they aim to «strengthen Nigeria’s security architecture and address the country’s critical infrastructure deficit, among other considerations».

The spokesperson clarified that nearly 30% of the funds would be dedicated to security, while an additional 35% would go towards «providing critical infrastructure. »

However, the justification has not quelled the growing concerns of the population as the country experiences a record increase in food prices.

Amid an economic crisis, food prices have reached historic levels, exacerbating the difficulties for the population.

Ordinary Nigerians express their frustration with politicians earning enormous salaries, contrasting with the meager incomes of some professionals such as health workers, forced to go on strike to protest.

«It’s by the grace of God that I can eat. It’s difficult», said Nduka Omeje, a trader in Abuja.

Unions are struggling to convince the government to increase the minimum wage for civil servants, but tension persists, illustrating the socio-economic challenges facing Nigeria.



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