Burkina Faso: President Ibrahim Traoré strengthens national security with the creation of the Special and Rapid Intervention Brigade

In a decisive move towards realizing his vision for a peaceful and prosperous Burkina Faso, President Ibrahim Traoré announced on Friday the establishment of the Special Rapid Intervention Brigade, a comprehensive joint operational unit elevated to the status of an army.

The presidentially-signed decree detailing the creation of this new security force reveals its structure, which includes a cabinet, a general staff, a Special Forces Group (SFG), and Rapid Intervention Groups (RIG).

It also encompasses a Republican Guard (RG), a Support and Command Group (SCG) comprising specific units, as well as a Field Artillery and Rapid Intervention Battalion (FARIB).

Among its components are the Rapid Air Intervention Squadron (RAIS), a Rapid Armored Intervention Battalion (RAIB), a Support and Command Battalion (SCB), and a Center for Training and Advancement of Special and Rapid Intervention Units (CTASRIU).

The primary mission of this newly formed brigade is to actively combat terrorism across the entire national territory, utilizing special operations and rapid interventions.

According to the presidential decree, the Special Rapid Intervention Brigade will contribute to securing the national territory, ensuring the protection of institutions, sensitive installations, and high-profile individuals.

Additionally, it will partake in foreign missions in accordance with existing bilateral or multilateral agreements.

President Ibrahim Traoré’s initiative underscores his commitment to national security and his determination to confront current challenges.

By enhancing rapid response capabilities and investing in specialized units, Burkina Faso under the leadership of Captain Ibrahim Traoré strives to ensure peace and prosperity for its citizens while contributing to regional stability.




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