Moroccan MPs call for TikTok to be banned, citing concerns about content security

Moroccan lawmakers have initiated a debate in Parliament regarding the possible prohibition of TikTok in the country, citing concerns over potentially harmful content prevalent on the Chinese social media platform.

Several members of Parliament express worries about TikTok’s impact on Moroccan society, highlighting issues such as the increasing infantilization of the population, the rise of electronic begging, and the presence of inappropriate content for children.

The Education, Culture, and Communication Committee in the House of Representatives recently examined a proposal not only to ban TikTok in Morocco but also to scrutinize other social networks that, according to deputies, do not provide adequate safety measures or transparent usage standards.

Additionally, these social networks are accused of lacking an effective policy to prevent the dissemination of inappropriate content for children and adolescents.

This discussion reflects the growing concern among Moroccan legislators regarding the potential detrimental aspects of social media platforms, emphasizing the need for stricter regulation to protect users, especially the younger population, from unwanted content.



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