Togo/Justice: Minister Mipamb Nahm-Tchougli Officially Takes Office

The newly appointed Minister of Justice and Legislation of Togo, whose nomination was announced on Tuesday, January 16, officially assumed office on Friday, January 19. The handover ceremony took place at the ministry’s headquarters, with the presence of the Secretary-General of the government, Christian Trimua.

The new Minister of Justice, Mipamb Nahm-Tchougli, formerly a member of the constitutional court, replaces Mr. Pius Agbetomey, who had been at the helm of the justice department since 2015.

The new head of Justice pledged to continue the initiatives undertaken by his predecessor, aiming for an effective modernization of the justice sector in Togo.

As a reminder, Togo has been involved in a process of modernizing the judicial sector in recent years, with several concrete actions taken to date.

Under the leadership of the outgoing minister and the guidance of President Faure GNASSINGBE, various reforms have been implemented.

These reforms include the restructuring of the judicial system, the establishment of justice houses to bring justice closer to the litigant, the promotion of magistrates and court clerks, the strengthening of the penitentiary administration, and the digitization of the judicial record.

The outgoing minister also worked on the decentralization of the duplicate of the nationality certificate and the operationalization of military justice.

Several codes have been adopted, and others are currently being finalized.


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