Senegal: Unrest in Dakar:/ECOWAS’ ambiguous stance amid Senegal’s election turmoil

In Dakar, clashes erupted after President Macky Sall announced the postponement of the presidential election, leading to confrontations between security forces and protesters.

Despite the unrest, the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) appears to take an ambiguous stance by refraining from imposing sanctions on President Macky Sall, despite labeling the situation as a «constitutional coup».

On Sunday in Dakar, hundreds of people protested against the delayed presidential election, initially scheduled for February 25. Security forces used tear gas to disperse the crowd, sparking violent clashes.

Several candidates, including Daouda Ndiaye, condemned police brutality and reported arrests by law enforcement.

Protesters voiced their opposition to Macky Sall’s alleged «constitutional coup», denouncing the postponement of the presidential election as an act of fraud.

In response to the situation, the ECOWAS, a regional organization of which Senegal is a member, has taken an ambiguous position.

It refrains from imposing sanctions on President Macky Sall, in contrast to actions taken in Burkina Faso, Mali, and Niger.

This situation highlights the ECOWAS’s inconsistent approach, as it abstains from sanctioning the Senegalese President for his controversial actions, raising questions about the organization’s commitment to the democracy and stability it claims to champion in the region.

Titi Keita

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