Togo: Foreign Minister Robert Dussey asserts Africa’s voice at the Munich Security Conference

The international spotlight turns to Bavaria as the 60th edition of the Munich Security Conference (MSC) opens its doors, bringing together nearly 200 top officials from around the world to discuss the most pressing security challenges of our time.

Among them, Togo’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Robert Dussey, stands out, representing his country with distinction at this crucial event.

The MSC, renowned as a major platform in geopolitics and diplomacy, attracts a global elite of decision-makers, defense and security experts, as well as various key actors, all committed to finding solutions to international security issues, from armed conflicts to terrorism and migration crises.

Over two intense days, MSC delegates will delve into a myriad of burning topics. The Russo-Ukrainian war casts a constant shadow over European stability, while the Israeli-Palestinian conflict remains a major point of tension in the Middle East.

Additionally, the migration crisis continues to challenge borders and national policies, necessitating a coordinated and humane response.

The presence of H.E. Robert Dussey at the MSC holds particular significance for Togo.

As the representative of his country, he has the opportunity to contribute to the global discussion on security issues while advocating for the perspectives and interests of the Togolese nation.

His commitment reflects the importance that Togo places on international cooperation and the peaceful resolution of conflicts.

As debates unfold and ideas flourish, the active participation of H.E. Robert Dussey and other world leaders offers tangible hope for progress towards a safer and more stable world.

 In a context marked by uncertainty and complexity, the MSC remains a beacon of exchange and dialogue, illustrating Togo’s continued commitment to global peace and security.


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