AES: Civil society calls for monetary sovereignty for the Alliance of Sahel States

In an unprecedented move, the Alliance of Sahel Patriots (APES) is coming together to support the creation of a currency specific to the member countries of the Alliance of Sahel States (AES). This initiative, driven by civil society, aims to assert the economic sovereignty of Sahelian countries.

APES, a prominent sovereigntist organization, has expressed full support for the ongoing democratic transition in the region, emphasizing the need to establish a currency specific to the AES to strengthen the sovereignty of member states.

Its president, Omar Beidari, firmly stated that APES was ready to play a crucial role in protecting the interests and sovereignty of the region’s citizens.

This initiative is motivated by a shared vision of strengthening regional ties, cross-border cooperation, and preserving the security of citizens.

It also signifies a commitment to building a prosperous future for the Sahel’s future generations.

The creation of a currency specific to the AES is seen as a means to consolidate economic stability and promote regional development.

By moving away from the African colonies’ franc (CFA), AES member countries aspire to take control of their economic destiny and free themselves from external influences.

The growing demand for monetary sovereignty is further supported by the region’s youth, as evidenced by the recent presentation of the student union of the Alliance of Sahel and Guinea to Burkinabe authorities.

These young individuals express a fervent desire to contribute to the implementation of the AES’s shared vision, illustrating the society-wide commitment to this ambitious project.



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