Niger: MNSP approves CNSP decision to dismiss regional, departmental and communal councils

General Brigade Abdourahamane Tiani’s recent decision to dissolve local governing bodies, including municipal, city, and regional councils, has sparked widespread discussion and support in Niger. This move, signed into effect last week, has been lauded by groups like the National Movement for the Safeguarding of the Homeland (MNSP/INTCHI).

In a statement issued on Sunday, April 7, 2024, the MNSP’s Secretary-General praised the dissolution as a crucial step in revitalizing territorial administration.

They also emphasized the importance, in their recommendation to the CNSP, of appointing competent individuals to key roles to prevent any militarization of civilian positions, which could potentially disrupt service delivery and national security.

Furthermore, the MNSP urged the Minister of the Interior to establish a structured dialogue platform for effective planning, monitoring, and oversight of NGOs and development associations.

According to the MNSP, «The CNSP’s emergence has shed light on the country’s critical state, awakening public consciousness. While acknowledging the efforts of the COLDEFF (Commission for the Fight against Economic, Financial, and Tax Crime), there is still much work to be done to recover billions embezzled from state coffers or acquired through deceptive overpricing, ensuring these funds are returned to the public treasury».

Following the dissolution of these councils, General Abdourahamane Tiani has appointed 105 delegated administrators to lead municipalities nationwide, signaling a significant shift in local governance.


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