Togo: Warning against the spread of false information, call for responsibility in the exercise of freedom of expression

A surge of misinformation regarding the new constitution has recently surfaced, causing concerns among the public. In a joint statement, the ministers responsible for security, civil protection, and justice issued a cautionary message regarding the spread of inaccurate information on social media platforms.

While acknowledging the importance of freedom of expression as a fundamental right, they emphasized the need for its exercise within the boundaries of the law. The ministers stressed that disseminating false information, whether deliberate or due to ignorance, has the potential to disrupt public order.

They reminded all citizens of the necessity to uphold ethical standards, principles of content verification, and journalistic integrity when sharing information, whether through traditional media outlets or social networking sites.

Furthermore, they warned against the harmful effects of spreading false information, slander, defamation, and other forms of misconduct that could jeopardize the country’s stability, security, national unity, and social harmony.

They reiterated that such actions are punishable under Togo’s legal framework.

In addition, the ministerial statement underscored the importance of accountability and responsibility in sharing information, especially in online spaces like social media, and cautioned against complicity in spreading misinformation.



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