Niger: Without delay, the people demand the departure of the US military. The divorce between Niamey and Washington begins

One month has passed since Nigerien authorities criticized the military cooperation agreement with the United States, and despite Washington’s acknowledgment and promise to discuss the terms of American troop disengagement, there has been a notable lack of progress.

The silence from American authorities following the recent meeting between General Mohamed Toumba, Minister of the Interior, and US Ambassador Kathleen Fitzgibbon in Niamey is deafening.

What can be deciphered from this silence on Washington’s part? Is it an indication of reluctance to cooperate and comply with Niamey’s demands?

Are the United States attempting to follow a similar path as France? While these questions linger unanswered, the Nigerien populace has taken decisive action by demanding the swift withdrawal of American troops from the Agadez base.

Although some argue that Nigerien authorities have not explicitly requested the removal of American soldiers, the denunciation of the defense agreement effectively sealed the fate of American troops in Niger.

 Therefore, the United States must urgently devise an alternate strategy to disengage its soldiers, as the Nigerien people have firmly voiced their opposition, leaving no room for reconsideration.

This sentiment was further solidified by the massive turnout of hundreds of thousands of Nigeriens who rallied over the weekend, demanding the immediate departure of American troops from Niamey following the denunciation of the defense agreement.


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