Niger: An oil refinery is coming soon to Dosso

Nigerien authorities have unveiled ambitious plans to construct a refinery in Dosso, marking a significant step towards regional economic development. Minister Mahamadou Barké made this announcement following a meeting with Mali’s Head of State, Colonel Assimi Goita, at the Koulouba Palace.

The decision to build the refinery in Dosso stems from a strategic partnership between Niger and Mali for oil supply to the AES countries.

Minister Barké emphasized that the refinery’s location in Dosso will serve as a crucial asset for the entire region.

This news has sparked widespread optimism and enthusiasm throughout Niger, particularly among the populace of Dosso region.

They view the refinery project as a beacon of hope and a catalyst for economic growth, especially after the setback of the abandoned dry port project.

Dosso is poised to become a pivotal economic and commercial center, akin to Kuwait’s significance for the Sahel States Alliance (AES).

This development is expected to facilitate increased economic activities and job opportunities in the region.

Additionally, Niger has committed to supplying Mali with 150 million liters of diesel under the partnership agreement.

This fuel allocation is set to power various energy infrastructures, contributing to Mali’s energy needs and infrastructure development.



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