Didier Drogba honored in Marseille for Paris 2024 olympics, reflects on charitable Work and New ventures

Didier Drogba, former captain of Ivory Coast’s national football team, will be honored during the upcoming Paris 2024 Olympic Games. He will participate in the torch relay event in Marseille alongside other sports and entertainment celebrities.

This recognition reflects Marseille’s appreciation for Drogba’s impactful season with Olympique de Marseille in 2003-2004 and his subsequent charitable endeavors, including fundraising for Ivorian charities.

Since retiring from football in 2018, Drogba has been actively involved in philanthropy, supporting various charitable causes in Ivory Coast and globally.

He has also ventured into investments, co-owning an electric boat racing team and expressing ambitions to excel in the E1 World Championship alongside renowned athletes like Rafael Nadal and Checo Perez.

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