Burkina Faso: President Ibrahim Traoré honoured by his Majesty the Mogho Naaba Baongho for promoting customs and Traditions

In less than two years of governance, President Ibrahim Traoré of Burkina Faso has made significant efforts towards stability and the preservation of the country’s cultural heritage.

On Wednesday, May 15, 2024, His Majesty Mogho Naaba Baongho awarded President Ibrahim Traoré a certificate of recognition.

This honor follows the President’s decree establishing May 15 as a day dedicated to the country’s customs and traditions.

The award ceremony, held with solemnity and respect, highlighted the importance of traditions and customs in Burkina Faso’s identity.

By dedicating this special day, President Traoré reaffirmed his commitment to valorizing and safeguarding Burkina Faso’s rich cultural heritage.

His Majesty Mogho Naaba Baongho, a central and respected figure in Burkina Faso’s traditions, expressed profound gratitude to the President for this historic initiative.

«By officially recognizing May 15 as a day dedicated to our customs and traditions, President Ibrahim Traoré has taken a significant step towards valuing our cultural identity», stated Mogho Naaba during the certificate presentation.

The decree signed by President Traoré marks a significant advancement in acknowledging and promoting Burkina Faso’s cultural wealth.

This special day provides an opportunity to celebrate and pass down ancestral knowledge, practices, and traditional values to future generations.

Upon receiving the certificate, President Ibrahim Traoré reiterated his commitment to Burkinabe culture.

«Preserving our customs and traditions is crucial for strengthening our national identity and for the harmonious development of our society», he affirmed.

The decision to dedicate a national day to customs and traditions has been enthusiastically welcomed by local communities and traditional leaders.

It symbolizes respect and consideration for the cultural values that shape the Burkinabe nation.

This initiative is seen as a vital link between the past and the future, allowing Burkina Faso to celebrate its rich cultural heritage while forging a modern and united society.


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