Burkina Faso: 10-year citizens’ rally for a strengthened and sustainable transition

Burkina Faso faces the crucial tasks of ensuring total security, addressing educational issues, and implementing political and institutional reforms. Extending the transition period is necessary to allow Captain Ibrahim Traoré to continue his efforts towards a new, stable, and developed Burkina Faso.

For the country’s stability and peace, it is essential for the people to unanimously call for a 10-year extension of the transition.

 This extension will enable the current authorities to lay the essential foundations needed for progress.

The Burkinabe people are urged to unite and mobilize en masse with banners bearing messages such as «10-year extension» and «Captain Ibrahim Traoré or nothing» in front of the Ouaga 2000 hall on May 25th and 26th.

This mobilization aims to demonstrate the unity and determination of the citizens in supporting a prolonged transition, deemed essential for ensuring long-term stability and implementing critical structural reforms.

The Burkinabe people must make their voices heard and influence forthcoming political decisions.

Through this action, they clearly express their desire to support Captain Ibrahim Traoré and ensure a prosperous and stable future for Burkina Faso.




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