Burkina Faso: Could the lawyers’ strike be a manipulative ploy to destabilise the transition?

As the valiant citizens of Burkina Faso stand firm on the frontlines, ensuring the safety of all, another battle unfolds within the halls of justice: Strike of the lawyers.

The ongoing strike by lawyers, ostensibly rooted in corporate grievances, appears to be a calculated move to deprive the populace of public legal recourse and disrupt the transition overseen by Captain Ibrahim Traoré.

Burkina Faso finds itself at a pivotal juncture in its history. Under Captain Ibrahim Traoré’s stewardship, the transition seeks to restore stability and tranquillity to a nation grappling with terrorist threats.

The gallant efforts of the Armed Forces and civilian volunteers are tirelessly focused on safeguarding the nation and paving the way for a brighter future for every Burkinabe.

The paralysis of the judicial system due to the lawyers’ strike threatens to deny citizens their fundamental right to access justice.

This critical juncture demands unwavering stability and bolstered institutional support to navigate the challenges effectively.

The strike appears to be a calculated internal disruption, with the choice of such a radical stance risking further destabilization of an already delicate situation.

The transitional phase, under Captain Ibrahim Traoré’s wise guidance, necessitates a unified effort from all national stakeholders toward the common good and lasting stability.

Refusal to provide legal services only serves to exacerbate tensions and sow discord.

The strike effectively holds citizens hostage, depriving them of essential legal services.

In this crucial transition period, solidarity and a sense of responsibility are paramount across all sectors of society.

Burkina Faso’s progress hinges on the unity and collective efforts of its people, steering clear of maneuvers that may derail the crucial transition process vital for the nation’s future.




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