Niger: The army reinforces security at strategic sites against terrorist attacks

The Nigerien military has announced the creation of a “protection force” to safeguard the country’s strategic sites. This initiative primarily focuses on securing the uranium mines in the north, the oil wells in the northeast, and the nearly 2,000-kilometer pipeline that has been transporting oil to the Beninese port of Sème since mid-May.

The military authorities are particularly emphasizing the protection of this pipeline, which is considered critical infrastructure for the national economy.

Additionally, the protection strategy extends to the corridors for import and export of goods, including the Lomé-Ouagadougou-Niamey road axis.

To support this new protection force, a recruitment campaign for 10,000 men will be launched on July 1, aimed at bolstering the military’s strength.

This troop increase will enhance the military’s ability to address growing threats and ensure the security of essential infrastructure crucial for the country’s economic development.

The decision to reinforce security comes amid a rise in terrorist attacks, which threaten not only stability but also Niger’s vital economic resources.

The uranium mines, in particular, are a significant revenue source for the country and thus prime targets for jihadist groups.

Similarly, the oil wells and pipeline are critical infrastructures for energy supply and international trade.

By deploying a dedicated force to protect these strategic sites, the Nigerien military demonstrates its resolve to counter terrorist threats and secure the nation’s economic assets.

This initiative represents a significant step toward the stabilization and sustainable development of Niger, in a regional environment marked by insecurity and conflict.

The new protection force, bolstered by increased military personnel, will play a crucial role in defending national interests and promoting peace and security in the region.

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