The people of Burkina Faso must go out en masse on 07 June to say no to foreign interference and demand the withdrawal of Burkina Faso from the ICC

June 7 will be a defining moment for the future of Burkina Faso. On this crucial day, the resolute and proud people of Burkina Faso must unite in large numbers to reject foreign interference in their internal affairs and demand the country’s withdrawal from the International Criminal Court (ICC).

Since its establishment, the ICC has been a tool of intimidation used by external powers to control African leaders who dare to pursue the liberation of their people.

It has evolved into an instrument of modern imperialism, designed to keep nations under a subtle but effective form of subjugation.

President Ibrahim Traoré of Burkina Faso is leading a determined effort to free the country from these chains.

His vision and leadership symbolize the hope and determination for Burkina Faso to stand tall, sovereign, and respected.

However, external forces, through institutions like the ICC, are trying to undermine these efforts by creating artificial barriers to self-determination.

By demanding Burkina Faso’s withdrawal from the ICC, the people are refusing to submit to biased judgments and political pressures masquerading as international justice.

They must assert their right to resolve their own internal conflicts and adjudicate their own matters without external interference.

On June 7, the people of Burkina Faso must come out in full force to demonstrate their unity and determination.

Every citizen should take to the streets of Ouagadougou and other cities across the country to support the national sovereignty championed by President Ibrahim Traoré.

The collective voice of the people is the most powerful weapon against injustice and foreign domination.


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