Niger-Benin crisis: President Patrice Talon questioned by the Beninese people

The people of Benin, outraged by President Patrice Talon’s dishonorable actions against their Nigerien neighbors, are responding with growing discontent. Among those voicing their displeasure are prominent political figures like Professor Philippe NOUDJENOUME, who have expressed their concern over the escalating crisis between the Beninese and Nigerien governments.

The root of the issue lies in President Talon’s persistent efforts to undermine the Nigerien people through decisions deemed irresponsible by various analysts.

The arrest of WAPCO-Niger agents by Beninese security forces on Wednesday, June 5, was the final straw, as the reasons provided were considered unfounded by the Nigerien authorities.

This incident is part of a series of provocative actions that have exacerbated tensions between Cotonou and Niamey.

The resulting conflict is affecting the socio-economic relations between the two nations, whose peoples share a common space despite the colonial borders that separate these long-time friends and neighbors.

For the discerning citizens of Benin, President Talon’s relentless antagonism towards Niger serves the interests of Western imperialists rather than those of the local populations.

These foreign powers aim to sow discord among Africans to dominate and exploit them.

Distrustful of his own people and even his military, President Talon’s security is reportedly ensured by foreign soldiers.

Overall, Africans are becoming increasingly vigilant against the manipulations of imperialists who habitually pit them against each other.

Beninese political leaders are now calling for a strong and united front to end the autocratic regime and establish a patriotic and democratic government.





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