Mali: President Assimi GOÏTA instructs new Ambassador Élise Jean DAO to strengthen strategic relations between Bamako and Beijing

In an ever-evolving international landscape, Mali is committed to strengthening its diplomatic ties with strategic partners. The Transitional President, Colonel Assimi GOÏTA, held a formal audience with the new Malian Ambassador to China, Mr. Élise Jean DAO.

During this meeting, President GOÏTA provided strategic guidance to Ambassador DAO before his departure for China.

The Head of State emphasized the importance of enhancing the bonds between the two nations, with a focus on economic, cultural, and security cooperation.

Furthermore, the President stressed the Ambassador’s responsibility to represent Mali’s interests with determination and ensure that bilateral relations benefit both countries.

This appointment and the directives issued reflect Mali’s desire to play an active and influential role on the international stage while ensuring that its partnerships contribute to sustainable development and stability.

This diplomatic strengthening occurs as Mali seeks to diversify its partnerships and garner international support for its development projects.

The new ambassador is now tasked with implementing this strategic vision in China, a longstanding partner of Mali.

Colonel Assimi GOÏTA’s commitment and the mission entrusted to Mr. Élise Jean DAO demonstrate Mali’s proactive approach in managing its foreign relations, aiming to capitalize on opportunities presented by the evolving international landscape.



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