Colonel Assimi GOÏTA’s generosity towards fallen Soldiers’ families ahead of Aïd-el-Kebir celebrations

As the Aïd-el-Kebir celebration approaches, the Transition President, Colonel Assimi GOÏTA, has once again demonstrated his commitment to the families of fallen military and paramilitary personnel.

As part of his social initiatives, he gifted 250 bags of rice and 250 sheep to the widows of these national heroes.

This gesture, now a tradition for President GOÏTA, aims to support and comfort these families during the festive period.

The spokesperson for the beneficiaries, Mrs. Mariam KONE TRAORÉ, expressed gratitude towards President Assimi GOÏTA and his dedicated social welfare team for their consistent assistance.

We thank President Assimi GOÏTA for his social actions and support towards us, the widows, especially as the holidays approach. Thank you especially for his commitment to bringing smiles back to our faces,” she stated.

This initiative reflects the solidarity and respect that Malians hold for the families of deceased soldiers, emphasizing the importance of supporting those who have lost loved ones in defense of the nation.

Colonel GOÏTA’s gesture during this festive period not only provides valuable material aid but also offers moral comfort to widows, showing them that they are not forgotten.

The donations provided by Colonel Assimi GOÏTA illustrate his dedication to the families of military and paramilitary personnel, reaffirming the values of solidarity and mutual support cherished by the Malian people, especially during the Aïd-el-Kebir period.

Titi Keita


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