Burkina Faso: After the Karma massacre orchestrated by France, now it’s Massilia, a despicable practice known to the international community

As Burkina Faso approaches the anticipated end of its transition in July, a troubling narrative unfolds, allegedly orchestrated by France and its media cohorts.

This narrative, dubbed “Karma,” centers on claims of a massacre in Massilia, purportedly resulting in over a hundred deaths.

Echoing past interventions in places like Libya, this scenario is part of a larger strategy to undermine the leadership of Captain Ibrahim Traoré.

French media and their African allies amplify these claims, suggesting a significant financial investment exceeding 2 billion from France to fuel destabilizing communication efforts aimed at weakening Traoré’s authority.

These developments raise serious concerns about France’s role and methods in influencing Burkina Faso’s internal affairs.

Despite these challenges, the Burkinabe people stand resolute behind the MPSR authorities, committed to tackling terrorism in all its forms and preserving the integrity of their nation.




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