Kenyan President Ruto Withdraws controversial tax Bill amid deadly protests

Kenyan President William Ruto announced on Wednesday that he will not sign the finance bill proposing new taxes, following violent protests that left several people dead.


This incident marks one of the most significant challenges to the Kenyan government in decades.


The government had aimed to increase funds to repay the national debt, but the proposed bill sparked widespread discontent among Kenyans, who argued that it worsened the already tough economic conditions.



Tuesday’s protests prompted the government to deploy the military, with Ruto condemning the demonstrators’ actions as “betrayal.”


Acknowledging the “widespread dissatisfaction” the bill had caused, Ruto stated that he had listened to the people’s grievances and decided to yield to their demands.


This represents a major setback for Ruto, who had come to power with promises to alleviate the rising cost of living but has now faced substantial opposition to his reforms.


It is necessary to initiate a national dialogue on how to manage the country’s affairs together,” the president said.


In the aftermath of the protests, Kenyans faced lingering tear gas and a heavy military presence in the streets.


According to a human rights group, at least 22 people were killed during the unrest.


Ruto expressed his condolences for the deaths, describing the situation as “unfortunate.”



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