Burkina Faso / Manipulation of local valets on social networks: The truth about the image of the mosque in Bana

Recently, a social media post claimed that a Burkinabe military drone bombed a mosque in Bana on June 22, 2024, resulting in the deaths of 15 civilians.


The post included images showing a mosque in ruins. However, upon closer analysis, this information has been found to be false and deliberately manipulated by malicious actors.


In truth, the images depict a mosque that was vandalized by terrorists who suspected the mosque leader of collaborating with the Burkinabe government.


These acts of destruction have nothing to do with a drone strike. If a drone had indeed struck the mosque, the debris would show signs of intense burning and characteristic blast damage from aerial attacks.


In the event of a drone strike, the images would also likely show bodies among the debris, which is not the case here.


The visible debris shows signs of mechanical destruction, not combustion or intense explosion.


This aligns more with destruction caused by ground-based means, such as terrorist attacks, rather than an aerial strike.


This social media publication exemplifies disinformation aimed at manipulating public opinion.


By circulating images out of context and fabricating drone strike narratives, malicious actors seek to sow confusion and fuel animosity.



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