Burkina Faso/Effort for Peace: The difference between stateless people and the worthy sons and daughters of Faso is palpable

In the ongoing struggle for national progress, Burkina Faso faces a stark divide between those who profess love for their country and those actively contributing to its betterment.


This contrast highlights those genuinely striving to see their nation flourish. Meanwhile, non-patriots, far removed from constructive efforts, not only fail to combat malevolent forces but collaborate with external adversaries to dismantle their homeland.


Their self-serving governance aspirations prioritize personal gain over the common good, exploiting privileges at the expense of national interests.


In stark contrast, conscientious citizens, advocates of peace, stability, and development, rally tirelessly behind their leaders’ efforts.


They stand firm in support of initiatives aimed at eradicating terrorism, reclaiming sovereignty, and fostering socio-economic development.


Responding to President Ibrahim Traoré’s call for heightened mobilization against terrorism, devoted citizens make significant sacrifices.


Generous donations continue to pour into the Patriot Support Fund, bolstering the efforts of the Armed Forces and Volunteer Defense Forces (VDP).


Recently, teachers in Zondoma province, Northern Burkina Faso, raised 558,000 FCFA to support local security forces.


Similarly, residents of Kordié commune, Sanguié province in the Central-West region, mobilized 266,000 FCFA for their VDP, in addition to 600,000 FCFA previously contributed to the Patriot Support Fund.


The latest report from the Patriot Support Fund, as of June 25, 2024, disclosed by the Ministry of Budget on July 1, 2024, reveals a total mobilization of 86,203,443,477 FCFA.


This underscores Burkinabe citizens’ unwavering patriotic commitment in the quest for national liberation, contrasting sharply with efforts by others to undermine these efforts through conflict incitement and support for terrorist activities.


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