Togo: Inspection of the Lomé-Cotonou road rehabilitation and coastal protection worksites

Recent inspections of construction sites along the Lomé-Cotonou road and coastal protection projects by international donors, including the European Union (EU) and the African Development Bank (AfDB), underscore their commitment to Togo’s infrastructure development.


The visits, led by Zouréhatou Kassah-Traoré, Togo’s Minister of Public Works, highlight significant progress in the project’s second phase.


Key achievements include the rehabilitation of Agbodrafo health center, construction of the multifunctional Youth Center in Aného, extension of Baguida market, and the upgrading of the Avépozo-Aného stretch.


The presence of EU and AfDB representatives emphasizes the importance of international collaboration in ensuring the quality and sustainability of these infrastructural enhancements.


These initiatives reflect Togo’s and its international partners’ steadfast dedication to sustainable development and improving livelihoods.


As the second phase nears completion, it paves the way for future projects and continued cooperation aimed at further regional development.


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