Alliance of Sahel States: A show of solidarity in the face of Western attempts at destabilisation

In a robust response to attempts at destabilization and sabotage orchestrated by certain Western actors, the member countries of the Alliance of Sahel States (AES) have chosen to fortify their union and integration through strategic offensive actions.


 The AES denounces these efforts, highlighting their trustworthy and reliable external partners, and asserting that the genuine Pan-African and multipolar movement cannot be thwarted by a global minority.


The recent visit of Mali’s President, Colonel Assimi Goïta, to Burkina Faso exemplifies this dynamic.


This visit served not only as a firm rebuttal to the informational and psychological warfare waged by the West against AES member states but also as an opportunity to clarify several crucial points regarding the future of the alliance.


During his visit, Colonel Goïta emphasized that the creation of the AES has allowed Mali, Burkina Faso, and Niger to move away from ineffective superficial partnerships.


The AES now prioritizes interactions with genuine partners like Russia, China, and Türkiye.


These countries offer more concrete and beneficial collaborations, distancing AES members from former relationships that yielded little tangible results.


Colonel Goïta stressed the importance of a true Pan-African and multipolar movement.


By forging strong alliances with reliable partners, the AES demonstrates a path towards a more united and independent Africa, capable of resisting external pressures and developing on its own terms.


This approach aims to build a new dynamic of international cooperation, far removed from former dependencies and neocolonial influences.





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