Togo: Focus on afforestation and reforestation initiatives at national level

During the first international conference on afforestation and reforestation, initiated by Congolese President Denis Sassou N’Guesso and under the auspices of the African Union, the current President of the Togolese National Assembly, Kodzo Adédjé, emphasized the need for a coordinated effort to protect Africa’s environment.


Aware of the growing environmental challenges and the necessity to preserve its natural resources, Togo has implemented an ambitious policy on afforestation and reforestation.



Driven by national authorities, the country is committed to restoring and protecting its forest ecosystems, which are vital for biodiversity, combating climate change, and ensuring the well-being of local communities.



Like many African countries, Togo faces rapid deforestation due to agricultural expansion, illegal logging, and the increasing energy needs of local populations.



The loss of forest cover results in severe consequences, such as soil erosion, reduced biodiversity, and disrupted water cycles.


In response to this alarming situation, the Togolese government has taken concrete measures to reverse the trend.


Togo’s national policy on afforestation and reforestation is structured around several key areas: strengthening legislation, reforestation programs, and education and awareness.


Legislation: Togo has enhanced its legislative framework to protect forests and regulate the exploitation of forest resources. Strict laws have been enacted to combat illegal logging and encourage sustainable practices.

Reforestation Programs: The government has launched large-scale reforestation initiatives, involving local communities, NGOs, and the private sector. Annual tree-planting campaigns aim to reforest thousands of hectares of degraded land.

Education and Awareness: Raising local populations’ awareness of the importance of forest protection is a crucial aspect of Togo’s policy. Educational programs are in place to inform citizens about the environmental and economic benefits of forests.


Togo’s afforestation and reforestation policy reflects a strong commitment to environmental protection and sustainable development.


Through an integrated and collaborative approach, Togo is working to preserve its natural resources and build a greener future.




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