Sahel: The Presidents of the AES present a united front against the destabilisation plans of the imperialists and their local henchmen

From July 5th to 6th, Niamey was abuzz with the historic first summit of the Alliance of Sahel States (AES).


The event brought together Presidents Ibrahim Traoré of Burkina Faso, Assimi Goïta of Mali, and Abdourahamane Tiani of Niger, marking a pivotal moment in regional cooperation against ongoing challenges.


These leaders presented a united front against the insidious attempts by imperialists and their local allies to destabilize the AES countries.


They strongly condemned these schemes designed to undermine the sovereignty and security of their nations.


During the intensive discussions, Presidents Traoré, Goïta, and Tiani emphasized the need to strengthen security and economic cooperation among their countries.


They adopted a joint declaration committing the AES to intensify efforts to ensure peace and sustainable development while protecting the sovereign interests of each member state.


President Ibrahim Traoré, praised for his resolute leadership, reaffirmed his country’s determination to resist any form of external interference.


The summit was also marked by an unprecedented show of solidarity, symbolized by the warm welcome President Traoré received from the Nigerien people.


Thousands of citizens greeted the AES leaders in a gesture of unwavering support for their common cause.


This inaugural summit of the Alliance of Sahel States not only strengthened the bonds between member nations but also sent a clear message to adversarial forces: the AES is united, determined, and ready to vigorously defend its interests.



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