Togo / Socio-professional integration of young people: a priority for President Faure Gnassingbé

The socioprofessional integration of young people is a key priority for President Faure Gnassingbé, seen as essential for Togo’s sustainable development.


In line with this objective, the government is committed to intensifying efforts to integrate youth into the country’s economic and social fabric.

This commitment was notably demonstrated on Tuesday, July 9, with a significant initiative benefiting young artisans and agricultural cooperatives.

On July 9, 384 young artisans from all communes in the Savanes region and 20 agricultural cooperatives from the Tône and Cinkassé prefectures received substantial support in the form of equipment and installation kits.

Coordinated by the Directorate of Youth Employment and the Youth Economic Initiatives Support Fund (FAIEJ), this distribution provided beneficiaries with hairdressing equipment, masonry tools, aluminum joinery materials, welding supplies, tricycles, threshers, and motor pumps.

This support, totaling 104.5 million FCFA, aims to enhance working conditions and increase productivity for young artisans and agricultural cooperatives.

By equipping them with the necessary tools, the Togolese government seeks to foster professional autonomy and job creation, thereby reducing unemployment and improving living standards.

President Faure Gnassingbé’s dedication to the socioprofessional integration of youth demonstrates a clear commitment to building a promising future for Togo.

By investing in young people, the government lays the groundwork for sustainable and inclusive development, ensuring that every young Togolese has the opportunity to contribute to the nation’s prosperity.

Chantal Tawelessi

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