Togo/ Climate: Togo Strengthens its commitment to climate change by joining the Global Green Growth Institute

Togo has taken a significant step in its fight against climate change by officially becoming the 48th member state of the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) on Saturday, November 4. This membership signifies a concrete commitment to promoting green growth and environmental protection.

The GGGI, headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, is an intergovernmental organization established a decade ago.

Its primary goal is to encourage sustainable economic growth by supporting member countries in adopting environmentally friendly practices.

For Togo, which has made environmental issues a cornerstone of its development efforts, this membership is of crucial importance.

It provides a platform to intensify the country’s existing environmental protection efforts while benefiting from the mechanisms, expertise, and resources that the GGGI can offer.

The country recently reached another major milestone in its environmental policy by adopting specific legislation to combat climate change.

This advancement demonstrates the Togolese government’s determination to proactively address the climate emergency and implement concrete measures to reduce its carbon footprint.

By joining the GGGI, Togo commits to leveraging best practices and international expertise to develop and implement effective environmental policies.

This membership reflects a strong political will to be part of the global effort to combat climate change.

Togo’s emphasis on environmental issues and concrete actions such as its membership in the GGGI and the adoption of specific legislation demonstrate its determination to play an active and responsible role in environmental protection and sustainable growth.

These actions position the country as a commendable example in the region.

Yoann Amouzou


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